My hot water heater is making a whining noise. Should I be concerned?

Popping or whining noises are often the direct result of hard water that has caused a buildup of minerals. If left untreated, it could eventually lessen or stop the flow of hot water


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Are geothermal heat pumps worth the high price?

While the initial investment on a new heat pump may be high, the expected efficiency gains are around 50%. What this means is that the heat pump will most definitely pay for itself over the long haul.

How do I keep my furnace working well?

The best answer is professional maintenance from NEPS. Our efforts will help your furnace's potential of reaching an impressive age of up to 20 years.

Should I turn off the air conditioning when I leave home?

Absolutely! Modern AC units are designed to quickly reach your desired temperature, so leaving it on all day will only increase your energy consumption without providing any real benefits.

Can I install my own air conditioner?

If you want a professional install that ensures optimal performance and the best possible utility savings, then it's a better choice to have a qualified pro like Northeast Property Services handle the job

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The first thing to check is if your air filters have been changed recently or if your ducts and vents need cleaning. These minor tasks are core NEPS services and quite affordable.